JigSaw 3.0

The *Master Splitter(tm) features Mac users need all the convenience and ease of use Mac Users expect.

JigSaw 3.0 has gotten a face lift. It offers a host of new features the least of which not being the brand new interface. JigSaw 3.0 gives you increased power and control over the multipart files you are working with. Now rather than joining one single file at a time, adding parts creates a queue. If you select the parts for all of the files you need to join at once and drop them on the window, JigSaw 3.0 will sort them out in to groups for you. Clicking the group folder in the list will then tell you about the group. JigSaw 3.0 is easier still; Grab a collection of parts, rar files and par files from a folder and drop them on any list in the application window and JigSaw will sort them out then add them to the proper lists, taking the guess work out of joining and verifing your multipart files.


JigSaw 3.0's new join Queue gives you far more power over file joining, as well as giving you information which is critical to producing a usable file. For instance, if you add parts to a window and parts are found to be missing, JigSaw 3.0 will tell you by coloring the 'Added Parts' text in red. When you have a long list of files it can be difficult to tell if any are missing, but JigSaw 3.0's at a glance indicator lets you know right away.

Download the JigSaw 3.0 Application here

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* Master Splitter(tm) is the Join/Split application for Windows which sets the standard for Join/Split functionality. JigSaw meets these standards, and still gives you more.